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Tube Screen Printer IKO-T-620-80200

The IKO-T-620-80200 -Screen Printer is an ideal solution for high precision screen printing on tubes and other cylindrical items. It is designed especially for thick film applications, which require a high level of screen printing accuracy. The IKO-T-620-80200 - Screen Printer is a modular system which can be used in research and development as well as in high volume production environments. The basic semiautomatic IKO-T-620-80200 model can be easily upgraded to a fully automated inline production machine which is characterized by a user-friendly operation, short set-up times and high degree of versatility. An easy exchangeable clamping system provides to print on tubes of varying diameter and different materials. A soft clamping system enables the application of tubes of even delicate material. An additional mode of driving the squeegee enables also the printing of spirals.

The IKO-T-620-80200 printer concept provides a cost effective solution for your screen printing needs.



  • Power resistors 

  • Coils

  • Sensors

  • Tube heaters 





  • Squeegee speed:                             0 – 400 mm/s

  • Max. Screen size:                             1000 mm x 400 mm

  • Max. Print Area:                                 900 mm x 340 mm

  • Adjustable stroke:                             up to 800 mm

  • Adjustable traverse stroke:              up to 300 mm (Optional)

  • Min. tube diameter:                          6 mm

  • Max. tube diameter:                         20 mm

  • Min. tube length:                               80 mm

  • Max. tube length:                              200 mm

  • Carriage repeatability:                    ± 0,05 mm



  • Paste dispenser

  • Flood Squeegee

  • Optoelectronic registration of tube start position

  • Exchangeable Clamping tools

  • Squeegee traverse for Spiral printing

  • Motor adjustable snap-off distance

  • Handling Systems for automatic Tube change




IKO has a customer oriented philosophy. Each machine will be adopted to customer’ s specific requirement. Don’t hesitate and contact us for discussing your specific application.

  We are also ready to provide you with samples you are requiring.